Foxbat is an independent software development services company. We specialize in new application development, especially web and network based solutions. Foxbat can also maintain or extend existing software applications or provide support for your servers.

Open Software Solutions

Here at Foxbat we are committed to the use of open source software. Rather than being locked into a closed, proprietary system, Foxbat chooses flexible open source systems to speed development and increase reliability. The use of open source allows developers to know what is happening inside a system rather than having to guess. If a problem is discovered, it can be fixed - without waiting for the original producer to get around to it.

Flexibility and Portability

The best part about open software is that the consumer is not locked into a single provider. Rather than having to rely on the original developer, the consumer is free to have the product modified by another party or themselves. Foxbat can offer open source solutions to you or extend and fix existing open source products.